Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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Ben Herrmann
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Nathan - there are quite a few variables involved here....

So rather than get down to specifics - which can result in countless options - allow me to address a few areas within the "macro" end of things:

1. Lenses: Bear in mind that Micro 4/3 products have a wide availability in interchangeable accessories and lenses. For example, you can use Olympus lenses on Panasonic cameras and vice versa - with the addition of other manufacturers coming on board to produce micro 4/3 lenses. This ensures the viability of the program - let alone the wide variety of lenses available now (and in the future) for your micro 4/3 camera. Right now the only one producing lenses for Nikon mirrorless cameras are Nikon - and no one else (and those are limited at best). Why Nikon adopted that 1" sensor mirrorless design is beyond me. I think they should have joined the micro 4/3 conglomerate to begin with, as I think they would have sold a ton of cameras this way.

2. Sensor Size: Obviously, micro 4/3 cameras have a larger sensor size than the Nikon models. And what you'll find here is a vast improvement in high ISO capabilities (read lower noise here) due to larger pixel sizes.

3. Size: Other than the upper end models (i.e. E-M1, GX-7), m4/3 cameras keep their sizes small and light - thus continuing what you've wanted all alone.

4. AF speeds: Older micro 4/3 cameras had a slower AF speed capability, but that has all changed with the latest models. AF speed is quite fast now.

5. Rendering of colors (color tonality): Both Nikon and Olympus/Panasonic have gorgeous colors and yes, the color tonality (casts, perhaps) may be slightly different with each brand. The bottom line is that I think you'd be happy with either.

6. Growth of the System: Without a doubt, thanks to the pioneering efforts of both Olympus and Panasonic in the mirrorless market, they've established quite a precedent. Their future looks unwavering and the numbers of other manufacturers who are coming on board (or, who will come on board) is a wonderful omen. The bottom line is - How will the Nikon mirrorless market grow (if at all) compared to everything you see within the Panny/Oly camp. No one else is adopting the Nikon mirrorless model. That alone will go a long way to convince you.

Now keep in mind that my remarks above are not coming from my being any one type of "fanboy."  Heck, I shoot with a variety of different brand gear to include Nikon (i.e. D7100, P770, and P330).  and I can appreciate all of those brands as each brand brings something different to the table.  However, I was personally not impressed with the Nikon mirrorless offerings because I realize that it was too little too late and that it would not have the appeal and growth potential that you see within the Panny/Oly micro 4/3 community.  I say the water is just fine here - so dive on in!.  And besides, you don't have to sell your Nikon gear - unless you have to in order to afford some micro 4/3 gear.  But like anything else, electronics loose value quickly and you'll never recover what you put into it.

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Have a great one....

Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

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