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sgoldswo wrote:


see below

Al Downie wrote:

If you're anything other than an exclusively landscape photographer, do you find the extra megapixels a blessing or a curse?

for landscape work at base iso the extra megapixels are fantastic. However, for other purposes they can be a pain. In my experience steadier handholding and/or higher shutter speeds can be required for a sharp image.

That's only the case if you're judging 'sharp' by pixel peeping at 100%. If you look at your images the same size then the D800 will be just as sharp as any other camera, in fact a little sharper.

People may say storage is cheap, but the sheer processing power required to open and edit a D800 raw will slow down your mac or PC.

It takes a bit longer, but macs and PCs are up to the task these days.

Is the camera versatile enough to take good family photos (I have a very mobile 3yr old at home!) as well as portraits, sports etc?

portraits it does well, I would rather use something smaller for family photos. I think the D4 is a better option for sports

Clearly, but that is what it is optimised for. If the D4 wasn't better than the D800 for sports, Nikon's designers would have failed miserably. On the other hand, the D800 is quite competent for sports. I use mine 1.2x mode, 5FPS in those situations.

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