Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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That's not what I read

The original message looked to me like a person wanted to start a new portrait photography business.

Without him writing "hobby business to help me buy more equipment" I interpreted his original message as a real business, concentrating on portraits, including performers, families, and other people who want pictures of themselves, their loved ones, or other people.

By business I believed that he was going to make his living doing this, (or at least try to make his living doing this) and was going to compete with real photographers.

Everyday all over the world people who can't think very well decide to start portrait photography businesses.

All that those of us characterized as "negative" do is provide a check list that they may choose to follow, or may choose to skip.

But the check lists I see around here are pretty good.

Some of them come from people who actually make their livings as real photographers; some come from people who have run through similar checklists and decided the numbers won't work.

Some of us might argue that a person who can't ask a question properly is not cut out for photography, but in this case I did not see a badly asked question.

He wants to start a business. It's a portrait business. It involves models (and I've written about British models already in this thread) and boys and girls and families and individuals.

And he wants to do it outdoors.

We could "read into his posting" of course, but doing that would insult him by suggesting he can't ask a question properly.

WEATHER: has anyone mentioned the weather in Birmingham int he winter and does it affect sales?

EXPERIENCE: I visited his Flickr page and did not see one human. This may or may not be an issue.


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