Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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From an EM5 perspective...

One touch focus works - sets the focus point and fires. Of course, you can't use this with the EVF, you have to be looking at the rear LCD. But, it does work, quite nicely.

Look at the Samyang 7.5 FE - it's less expensive and surprisingly good. Obviously, MF, but everything is in focus with a FE anyway, so that's not so much of an imposition. I use the Olympus 4/3 8FE, because I already had one.

Live histogram? Yes, on LCD and in the EVF if you wish. It also has live highlight/shadow display if you want, and a genuine DOF preview that works quite nicely. Overall, the EM5's EVF is a superb implementation. You tend to forget it's an EVF quickly, until you need one of the preview modes, and then you're glad you have it.

Some of the buttons on the EM5 feel a bit mushy, but they're useable. Never caused me any problems. The 4 way switch buttons on the back are a bit small, but you get used to it.

You can set the direction you want the focus ring to turn. Is that slick or what?

Bayonet direction - no, that isn't changeable. I shot Nikon film for years, and I didn't have any problem adjusting.

Auto ISO - I don't tend to use it much. You can customize the EM5's buttons just about any way you want. I set the largely unused video button to turn on magnified LV for use with manual focus lenses - a couple of old Nikkors I have that work quite nicely on the EM5.

Aspect ratio - the EM5 has 16mp. Plenty of room to crop to 3:2 and still look good.

Lens weight: the µ43 lenses I have are very lightweight. Granted, the 75 1.8 isn't super light, but considering what it can do, it's tiny compared to what larger formats need to do the same. The larger fast 4/3 zooms are heavy, but IMHO, it's worth the weight to get the wicked sharp IQ, especially the ZD 50-200.

The big difference you should see going to µ43 is the more extensive lens line. I believe there is an IQ gain as well, under most situations.

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