D800 Autofocus issues II

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Leonard Shepherd wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

I wish I were one of the lucky ones. However, doesn't mean it is very real for many of us. Simply far too much smoke and noise about this issue for it to only exist on a couple of cameras.

I would have more sympathy with you raising the issue yet again if you posted a sample image (which does not need to be large) demonstrating an AF fault using AF sensibly.

As of now I make it 162 out of 162 posted images on this forum indicating they were not using AF sensibly.

If the issue existed in more than 1 or 2 cameras where are the examples showing this using sensible testing?

The war ended a while ago, and Nikon conceded.

As usual Nikon enacted "radio silence" when this issue was first identified, and as a result allowed this to get out of hand. As a result, people were testing their D800's for the defect, and concluding they indeed had it, on everything from kit lenses to slow zooms to telephoto primes. People trying a D800 at Best Buy were claiming to see the defect just by looking at a picture in the LCD panel.

So I agree that many if not most if the reports of defect were merely ghosts in the closet.

But the people who found this first were seasoned pros and well respected photographers, and long time Nikon users who probably knew far more about Nikon's AF than page whatever on the manual states. And countless others found the defect too.

If Primeshooter says he has a problem, he does. He's not seeing ghost in the closet.

All the action Nikon took, first behind the scenes, then more openly, the research, technical fixes, jigs, etc, would not have been necessary if the answer was as simple as telling people to read page 7 in the manual.  Nikon's actions make your "I have yet see any proof" and "go read page 7" argument foolish.

I had a defective D800. It took 3 tries to fix it. I spoke to people at Nikon in the process. The problem was very real, effected far more than a few bodies. Thom Hogan's math was probably as correct as we're ever going to know as far as how many units were effected, and when it seemed to stop.

But let's blow up your page 7 thing one last time. Using a fast wide prime, wide open, on a tripod, controlled setting. Any target. All three banks, left, right, and, center.

If the subject is such that the AF can't lock, that should be consistent across all banks. We don't need to read page 7.

If the test subject is such that the sensors CAN achieve lock, but incorrectly, the results access all 3 banks should also be the same: all shots should be OOF. Again, we don't need page 7.

BUT, if the center and right bank sensors CAN accurately achieve lock on that test subject, meaning in focus at the focus point, shot after shot, BUT the left bank sensors, while also achieving lock, are OOF at the AF point, shot after shot, then there is a problem not with the subject, but the left AF bank sensors.  It does not matter what page 7 says, even if the subject is one that page 7 says can be difficult for the AF.

So in reality page 7 is meaningless in that with the left bank defect, what ever the target is, when comparing all 3 banks for accuracy, the right will lock on that target and be in focus, while the left will lock but be OOF. Shot after shot, same subject, same conditions.

Page 7 is a guideline as to what subjects the AF can have a problem with. The center may perform differently due to the cross types, but BOTH left and right bank sensors will be equally challenged.

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