Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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Re: Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

NathanCrisman wrote:

Iv been looking more and more at the panasonic GX7, G6, or the EM5. (EM1 being simply too expensive). While I do like my Nikon V1 kit (6.7-13, 10, 10-30, 30-110, 18.5) for it's bulk/weight, I still yearn for all the control and ergonomic fixes that most V1 owners gripe about. IMHO image quality is excellent on the V1, so any improvement going to M4/3 is welcome, but not a consideration in the decision.

I'm looking with contempt at the panasonic 8mm fisheye, wishing nikon would put out a native CX fish (never happen). When I was DX nikon..the 10.5mm fisheye was a go-to lens for me?

I guess the the next step is to confirm via this forum that the Mu4/3 system does indeed "fix" my gripes enough to warrant the expense of a Nikon1 sell off ....

Don't know enough about the ins and outs of the GX7 and G6 to answer for those. My answers below are for the E-M5.

does the touchscreen work well to move focus points quickly while using the EVF?......IMHO the v1's method is annoying And fiddley using the tiny 4 way buttons, and the center button doesn't reset it to middle.

I don't think the touch screen works at all when the EVF is enabled. I use the 4-way buttons when I need to move the focus point. It can be reset to center by means of a single button press.

can the EVF and LCD be set to show WYSIWYG exposure? off auto gain on the screens.


I want to look in the viewfinder and see the actual exposure and resultant capture. Right now with my V1 in M mode...I can set ISO200/F5.6 1/200 in a dim room....look in the he viewfinder and see a nicely lit room, yet shoot a frame that is solid black. In that situation, I want to see solid black Before I capture.

Auto ISO Adjustable limits, logical use in M mode, display of chosen value in EVF?

Don't know since I never use auto ISO.

ISO on a mechanical button would be awesome too Rather than menu only.

Don't think you can put ISO on a button.

live histogram Or even white point clipping Pre-capture?

Yes. LV histogram as well as LV highlight/shadow warnings so that you can see exactly when and where something is clipping before capture.

Any control for off camera flash. Can the pop-up work as a commander?

Yes and yes.

better quality tactile feel of buttons& switches. My V1 has a lot of use, now the power, shutter, and play buttons feel loose. The power button sometimes is unresponsive and needs multiple pushes (Missed shots due to this). The shutter button has lost its "half push" click/stop.

No experience with the V1 so can't compare. But I have no objection to the tactile feel of buttons/dials/switches of the E-M5. The buttons are a bit mushy but I have no difficulty with that.

on the flip side there are a few things I'm sure to be annoyed with in Mu4/3:

slightly bigger lenses in physical size/weight (side effect of bigger sensor). I'm more concerned with weight than bulk.

I think you can put together a lens collection similar to the one you have for Nikon 1 that is just about as small and light. Have a look here

at the following lenses:

Oly 9-18

Pany 14

Pany X 14-42

Oly 40-150

Pany 20 or the upcoming Oly 25, the latter shown here

lens mount bayonet that rotates reverse of nikon (been a nikon guy for decade- old habits die hard)

do oly/pano zoom and focus rings function in reverse rotation compared to nikon? (Clockwise to zoom FL+)

Pany works the same way as Nikon but Oly is the other way around.

4:3 aspect ratio riles!!! I have been composing in 3:2 for years and years (since looking down into hass 501C). This is a big change in either the way I shoot or the way I post process. 50% of my pics end up printed 4x6"

As a side note, I dabbled with m4/3 2 years ago when I first sold off my nikon dslr gear and got out of photography as a job (wedding & events). Had a e-pl2 w/ kit lens that was adequate for IQ but I couldn't do without an EVF. I got into nikon V1 right about when they started selling fire sale stupid cheap.

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