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Graham Snook wrote:

Joe Pa wrote:

I've never been sued, no one I know has ever been sued, but many on here will still make it seem like this is a major threat, reality is it's not likely to happen but you should be prepared in case it does.

I was hit by a 42ft boat travelling at 30 odd miles per hour, I'd performed my job incident free for 11 years previously.

The driver of the boat that hit me was uninsured.

For over two years the driver of the boat had the possibly of a court case hanging over them.

For two years the driver had the possibility of stumping up for the total loss of one motor boat and a personal injury claim from me. I still have back trouble associated with the incident.

My damages we small fry compared to the legal bills at the end of it.

Accidents can and do happen.

I'm currently pursuing a claim from someone who drove into a van, that drove into the back of me. I lost out on thousands of pounds worth of work from an accident where I had no blame.

Insurance is expensive if you never need it, but priceless when you do.

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These are cases outside of business situations.  People in their personal lives are sued very often but that is typically related to car accidents, etc.

The point I was making was about business insurance.  I've never known anyone that was sued by a client, model or 3rd party while taking pictures / video  professionally.

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