Adobe PS/LR RAW issues with custom white balance

Started Jan 26, 2014 | Questions thread
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Adobe PS/LR RAW issues with custom white balance

ive long had this issue with RAW shooting and adobe photoshop and lightroom, my main subject is a saltwater reef aquarium that is lit by artificial lighting, i shoot canon and use the custom white balance setting to get everything looking proper and it works good.. to an extent.. if i shoot jpg the photos all turn out as shot, if i shoot RAW the white balance in adobe programs is totally messed up and you cant fix it.. if i use DPP by canon, its perfect and looks just as shot or just a a jpg would look.. my question is how can i get adobe lilightroom to render my RAW files correctly.

below are all 3 images, first one was converted and exported to jpg in canon DPP without any adjustments and is what the photo should look like, second has been exported from photoshop, and 3rd i added a link to the actual RAW file. why cant my lightroom interpret these properly?

this was a raw converted in canon dpp, and its what the aquarium looks like, and is what the photo should look like.

this is what photoshop and lightroom do to my Raw files, theres no way to adjust anything to get even remotely close to correct..

and heres a link to the actual RAW file if anyone wants to test themselves for me. thanks

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