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Some generic Canon/Nikon user wrote:

Sure looks like I need not worry about trading in my Canon/Nikon for the Sony. They have so many flaws, clumsy controls and poor image quality issues, my Canon/Nikon is so much more camera, especially for the money. You can't even use them for studio strobes without the black screen problem.

See what I am getting at? You read one review and make it your own opinion. The DPR review you have read is flawed, unfortunately. It's easy to assess just by a quick glance at the commentaries. A well written and fair review gets fewer comments. Neither fanboys or bashers have much to add. A poorly written review with inaccurate facts and bias will get both criticized and cheered on by many. And I'd call the commentaries for this review an absolute sh*tstorm.

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

The a77 is just an APS-C camera, but what a camera! Versatility and image quality second to none and great lenses. And a whole lot more!

If you like me owned both cameras, you would be embarrased right now. The A7/A7R are far from flawless. Their ergonomics and solutions may not suit everybody, but versatility and image quality are their main forte. I will keep my A77 for its snappyness and better ergonomics for long tele lenses, but when it comes to sheer image quality, my A7R and even the NEX-7 beats it quite easily.

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