Sensor sizes and f stops

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Re: Light reaching each pixel

darklamp wrote:

But, a larger sensor has more light reaching it. ...

You need to consider the number of photons reaching each pixel during an exposure ( not total area, but individual pixels ).

If I pack a large sensor with so many pixels that it has the same pixel density as the smaller sensor, then the resulting signal to noise ratio ( SNR ) will be the same.

If the larger sensor ends up with the same pixel density as the smaller sensor, then the larger sensor will have more total pixels.

Expose both sensors so that they receive the same number of photons per area... then the individual pixels from the two sensors will receive the same number of photons and they will have the same SNR, per pixel.

However, more pixels, and hence more photons, will be used to form any given area of the final image. The upshot being, the SNR normalized for the print area/resolution should still be better for the larger sensor.

Anyway this is getting deep into a rehash of stuff that's been rehashed endlessly. I wonder if the OP is still benefitting from this thread.  

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