Been away for a while, now I remember why.

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Re: Kendunn has chosen to judge us, I now have license to judge him/her

Joe186 wrote:

As of now, Kendunn’s statement, “See you guys again in a year or so” is already a lie. His/hers last post (as of this post) is about a day ago. That’s yet another day, past his/her reprimanding, so called, departure.

Being as Kendunn has chosen to judge us, I now have license to judge him/her:

1.) You might consider learning how to encode your own website. Even in it’s simplest form, basic HTML is far more user friendly and search engine friendly... than having a low class, automated service like Wix do it for you (see image). Par for the course, as the following will show...

2.) Do you really think black and white pictures of spoiled children and selfish, self centered, egocentric families is real photography? It’s picture taking, my dear spoiled judge. Have a look at some real work here – Ex:1 and Ex:2.

Some of us have seen and photographed the ravages of this, so called, civilization. We have been far away in places and times, that would reduce the average civilized person to a quivering mass of poisoned flesh. Who the heck are you, sitting down there, in your southern state dream-world to judge us?

Sorry, just saw this. This is not my site, it was my old URL that I abandoned and never took the tag off of my profile on here, so these are not my pictures and not what I do. Someone else picked it up and ran with it. Sorry you wasted your time. I don't have a URL for my stuff now, never seemed to help anything. But I do have a facebook page with some pictures if you want to tell me what you think of them. Here's a landscape gallery

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