Muted prints... Is it my RGB profile?

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Re: Muted prints... Is it my RGB profile?

Truman Prevatt wrote:

First which printer are you using? What paper are you using? If you are printing color is your monitor calibrated? If you are printing B & W do you have the right printer and the right inks? Does you printer take ICC profiles? If yes download the ICC profiles of the paper you are using and use those when you print.

There is a printer/printing forum here. You might want to check that out. Printing is a whole art form in and of itself.

charley5 wrote:

Hi Everyone:

I was noticing that my prints were somewhat muted compared to the lab prints which I found more saturated and snappy looking. I had already configured my monitor using ColorMunki, so I couldn't figure out why my prints looked so bland. I then realized that my source profile was sRGB611966-2.1, instead of Adobe 1968. The former shows a much more muted appearance on the monitor while the latter shows a very saturated appearance. Should I be using Adobe 1968? It looks super saturated on my monitor. Perhaps too saturated.

Someone on the printer forum suggested that to get the "largest gamut your camera should be set to raw capture, processed in your convertor of choice, and then kept in the largest space like ProPhotoRGB or aRGB." I am at work now so can't check the SPP color profile, but I assume it is sRGB. What profile are people using on Photoshop?

On the other hand, the muted colors may have nothing to do with my RGB profile. Any other suggestions?



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Sorry, I mentioned that in a previous post. I am using the Epson 3880. My monitor is calibrated. I have been using the manufacturer's ICC profile, and I have posted everything on the printer forum as well. The issue is why my prints appear to be more muted (neutral colored) than the lab prints?

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