Muted prints... Is it my RGB profile?

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Re: Muted prints... Is it my RGB profile?

Alan71410 wrote:

If the printer has a profile custom made for the paper and ink being used, then it should reproduce as near as makes no difference a lab print from the same file, even if they use a different profiled printer. That's the whole point of profiled printer management, to make the results repeatable no matter what output is used in different places, provided they also profile their equipment/papers.

Ouch. Okay. I will re-read your previous post to better understand what you say here. I faithfully downloaded the ICC profile provided by the manufacturer. I find it difficult to comprehend why they would put out a profile for a common printer like mine (3880) that only approximates what it is supposed to do in the first place. Since this has happened for two different paper (getting  a similar result using canned profiles) I am really disappointed. I am wasting ink, time and paper here.

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