EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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Re: EXR Confusion not fully resolved

Timur Born wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

No, M size pixels are not the same size as L size pixels. Pixels are (as you indicate) mathematical creations of a complex demosaicing algorithm. The photosites used to create the M size pixels are the same size as the photosites used to create L size pixels, but there are twice as many L size pixels as M size pixels so they can't be the same size.

I think what's adding to the confusion is the ambivalent use of the word pixel. Sometimes we mean sensor photosites/sensels by writing pixels, sometimes we mean the demosaiced outcome.

Yes, as I've been saying for ages, and as I've been telling you here in this thread. But that's not the only confusion or disagreement here, as I've just pointed out in my other reply that concludes with a mention of Trevor's "party trick" theory.

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