D800 Autofocus issues II

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Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery
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Agreed ... Re: Common misconception here

primeshooter wrote:

seahawk wrote:

May you should check your expectations. Based on the old thread I tried to replicate some of the settings giving some users problems and I can replicate those, but to be honest those are all scenarios described in the manual as having a high chance to cause problems for the PDAF. So maybe the AF is working as intended, you just have the wrong camera for your needs.

Explain to me why downsizing to match D3s and D700 files (12MP) that the AF errors are still obvious? I think that would mean the D800 is worse at focusing...that it's generally worse than the last generation and it's unrelated to resolution. This is the point. It's not unrealistic as all these shooting scenarios I am trying with the camera worked in the last generation.

Hallucinate with the new generation of cameras & lenses ... even the cheapest:

D3200 with the underrated 18~200

But where I disagree is when I hear the focus problems on the D800 ... mine is the best piece of technology I've ever known.

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