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Re: DxOMark promises to retest the GX7

Ulric wrote:

Anders W wrote:

But the main point here is that DxO's slipup with regard to lens tests on the GX7 doesn't necessarily mean that all their results are useless.

I must admit that this test (*) has me thinking. In this particular case, the results are too unreasonable to be taken seriously. But what if they had been only slightly off, lets say 10% or 20% or so? Then the slightly off numbers and curves are scrutinized and compared side-by-side with other results that are also hard to tell if they are accurate or not, because there is no way for an outsider to verify that.

(*) Another example was Jack Hogan's resolution curves, calculated from shutter-shocked images. But that was quickly sorted out because the input data was available and known to be garbage.

It would certainly be helpful from many points of view (not just the one you mention) if we had more in the way of test images to look at in addition to the numerical results. For example, I am still not sure how my visual impression of sharpness correlates with this or that technical measure, e.g., MTF-50%.

One of the sites that at least partly provides test images is SLR Gear. This in turn have led me to question their numerical results in some cases and led me to the conclusion that their numerical results are not comparable across sensor sizes, i.e., the results for MFT look better than they actually are in comparison with FF.

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