Why the DF was so good for me

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Why the DF was so good for me

Having had many cameras over the years, I have experienced the 5D's and the Nikons a and for about 2 years have been struggling with the appeal of a smaller camera but never got the speed, control and ergonomics quit right. But then the Sony A7R was announced and I thought all dreams had come true.

Great little camera and capable of spectacular images, but for me the lack of lenses and their speed was an issue and perhaps it was just a tad too small and with not the steadiest of hands I had a number of shots OOF.

So. I was about to return to the FF DSLR but kept remembering how heavy and cumbersome, and for me they are just too highly specked for my needs and you really need the very best heart lenses.

My main issue is I really struggle with "compromise" but the perfect camera doesn't exist, for me at least.

I had excluded the the DF based on the negative press and the fact it only had 16mp and above all it's £2749 in the UK!

However I spend a day with my brother in law who has a D700 and is looking at the DF which he feels is a natural upgraded for him. So we went to a Nikon dealer and had a play with the DF, and the retailer even let us take some shots and printed some A2 images at 6400 ISO . Wow they were fantastic, little noise, good rendition and still pretty sharp. The retailer stuck the images on a wall and said stand back 6 feet and they will look even better.

it was refreshing compared to looking at reviews on the web and pixel peeping, of which I am the worlds worst.

I would urge anyone thinking about the DF to go an day with a demo version before excluding it mainly based on people opinions who have never used the camera!

Now don't get me wrong this camera is NOT for everyone, but each to their own.

Yes is may seem expensive but everything is relative and for me it feels nice in the hand, not massive and not too small.

Only had the camera a few days but so far the only couple of things I need to adjust to is:

1. The ISO mode dial on top is a bit awkward, but I think the more I use, the more I will get used to it

2. The from dial to adjust aperture is a little stiff, think it should have been slightly easier to move

I mainly shoot landscapes, city stuff and travel and night shots so it tick most of my boxes.

Now I just need to choose the lenses, I currently have some primes to check out and I think the balance on this camera is just right, although I may buy the 18-35 as a walkabout.

Best of all I just feel good when I use the camera, don't get me wrong I honestly don't care about what other people say and it's  not about me being pretentious. It's just nice to own something a bit different from main stream.



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