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Re: TC = Full Frame Pentax is around the corner

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

With a 1.4X TC the image circle produced in the focal plane suing a DA lens should just about cover a 35 x 24 mm sensor.

That is a possible practical and logical reason for delay (let's leave childish Hoya conspiracy theories aside). The TC needed to be tested on FF DSLRs as well as on current Pentax line. Also secure the optimum image quality using all DA lenses on an FF body.

No? If I were the manufacturer, I would make sure I make a piece of optics I don't need to replace in 2 years from today, or issue another version and confuse the hell out of customers.

TC being ready means the FF DSLR is ready too.

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Zvonimir Tosic
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Assuming your math is right, Zvonimir (and I have no reason -- nor means -- to doubt it), your assumption that the release of this TC at this time helps to bolster the likelihood Ricoh is about to FINALLY release the first Pentax FF DSLR makes a great amount of sense.

WITHOUT a 1.4 TC (assuming one actually WILL increase the majority of Pentax lenses that are optimized for APS-C to a FF perspective, or close to it, and eliminate vignetting), there are only a HANDFUL of Pentax lenses that are FF compatible: the three older "Limited" lenses (77, 43, 31), the 50mm F1.4, which was first produced during the film days, the D FA 100mm macro... and maybe one or two more, but those are all I can think of, offhand.

So a MAJOR DEARTH of current-production Pentax AF lenses that are truly FF compatible would be a MAJOR drawback when a FF Pentax DSLR was released WITHOUT some way to "convert" the lenses optimized for APS-C into lenses that work on FF. And again, assuming you're correct that the 1.4 TC WILL do that, it makes PERFECT SENSE Ricoh would release this just prior to the release of the first FF Pentax DSLR (which most of us have been expecting since they hit the home run in the APS-C field with the K-3, anyway).

Exciting times we're living in!


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