EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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Re: EXR Confusion not fully resolved

Timur Born wrote:

Sorry to correct you, but L and M size collect the same amount of photons as sensor size is the same. What happens in M size (DR 100) is that noise is calculated out by averaging two sensels into one. It's the same as looking at the "Print" vs. "Screen" resolution graphs at DxOmark. The benefit of the EXR sensor versus downsizing in post is that the averaging on the EXR sensor always happens between sensels of same filter-color and close proximity.

No, you relish trying to correct people but in this case it's YOU that are wrong. You're talking about the entire sensor, ignoring or not recognizing that I wrote this :

On a pixel basis the larger M size pixels capture more photons so their DR will be greater than the L size pixels (substitute photosites for pixels here if you prefer.)

Now if you can demonstrate that M size pixels are the same size as L size pixels then maybe you have a point to make. That you appear to be supporting Joms's unsupportable statements is interesting if not amusing. Great minds think alike, or so they say.

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