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Re: D800/e users...

Al Downie wrote:

If you're anything other than an exclusively landscape photographer, do you find the extra megapixels a blessing or a curse? Is the camera versatile enough to take good family photos (I have a very mobile 3yr old at home!) as well as portraits, sports etc?

If you had the choice again, would you still choose D800 over the D610?

Thanks for any thoughts!


FWIW it is my experience that the people who own the D800/e love it for everything, except the ones who also have D4s for serious/pro sports/wildlife (especially birds in flight) and have no problems with the bigger files ( in fact the love them and many say the D800/E spoiled them and they could never go back to a lower MP camera) but the people who don't own the camera are the ones who go on about how it's a studio camera or only good for landscapes or the files are too big or you need a top of the line computer to work on the images, or you can't shoot sports with it, or it's only good on a tripod ect.

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