EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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Re: EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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alexisgreat wrote:

I use S Priority because I find my hands are steadier than the camera thinks they should be, therefore when I'm using AUTO ISO 3200, I can get away with slower shutter speeds (so the camera selects lower ISO) at longer focal lengths. With P mode and A Priority, the camera was consistently selecting ISO around 400 even in somewhat bright light. I never even thought about this limitation until I realized that there were some shutter speeds I didn't have access to in M mode M size DR 400 that I do have access to in S Priority- and the only difference was that AUTO ISO was being used.

You may have missed my findings about it...

IMHO, there will be zero or negligible difference in DR and highlight at 1/4000s between MSize DR400 (if it will work properly) and LSize DR100 at ISO-100

No matter what shutter speed, aperture or ISO is used, whether the camera is set to L size or M size, there will be zero differences between one photo's blown highlights and another photo's blown highlights, so you've simply stated a photographic truism for the highlights that should be obvious.

What isn't obvious is how you can think that you know what the dynamic range of those two photos are just by looking at the two photos. The dynamic range capability should be the same if both photos were shot using the same camera using the same ISO, the same resolution and the same resolution. But the resolutions aren't the same. On a pixel basis the larger M size pixels capture more photons so their DR will be greater than the L size pixels (substitute photosites for pixels here if you prefer.) But the captured dynamic ranges appear quite different based on histograms that are too small to be meaningful. Both photos appear to contain significant parts of the image that show totally blown highlights yet these aren't seen in the histograms. How would you explain your conclusion that "there will be zero or negligible difference in DR and highlight" other than by working backwards from preexisting, probably biased assumptions?

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