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Re: D800/e users...

romfordbluenose wrote:

I find the D800 a curse all the time. it keeps making me want to take photos and nothing else gets done.

Seriously though all cameras will have 36mp or sometime soon so why worry.

True.  Heck it wasn't that long ago that 24 MP was considered HUGE.  Now every new DX camera in Nikon's line is 24 mp, even the D3200/D3300.  With how cheap storage is and how powerful even moderately priced computers are there is no reason the cameras that are 24 mp now can't end up with 30mp+ probably in a generation or two and the next D800 incarnation will probably have 50mp+.  There are already rumors Sony is making a 54MP sensor which if true is almost certainly for the D810 Unless Nikon surprises everyone with a D4X which is very unlikely IMO.

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