Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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dave gaines
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Don't worry, be happy...

Hi goblin,

I'm not regretting my choice. Today I was out shooting with the 14-24 mm f/2.8G on the USS Iowa batttleship in San Pedro, CA and having a good time. I think I got some sharp results. That ship is big enough to fill the frame!

The trilogy of f/2.8 zooms was an easy choice. They're as sharp as many of the primes and very versatile. It's the special purpose lenses I'm having trouble finding matches for. I used the 11-22 mm for long exposures with ND filters. There's nothing like it in Nikon, with the same low levels of distortion. The Fisheye offerings are weak and meek compared to the Oly 8 mm f/3.5. Like I said, it's hard to replace the IQ of Olympus. It's not about price either.

One option is to buy a few of the f/1.4G primes to fill out the wide to mid range. But then it does become a price issue. I gave up on the idea of ever having a 400 mm f/3.5 equivalent when I made the switch. I'm more into WA anyway so it's okay.

Yes, the Carl Zeiss lenses are very good. Lots of excellent primes with manual focus. And none of them are in my budget.

I'm happy with the FX format. I've read 1/4 of the manual and am getting in the swing of things with exposure and focus control.

You know you want my 3 remaining lenses to fill out your Olympus lenses. Go ahead an make me an offer. See my ad in the For Sale forum

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