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Re: The a7 Review

Brian_Smith wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Brian_Smith wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

You can't even use them for studio strobes without the black screen problem.


You must be thinking of the A55.

No, it was just this a7 review. The guy went on about how he couldn't use studio strobes because his viewfinder went black because the camera was set in manual mode for the strobe light levels. Then at the end of the paragraph he tells us that the problem is correctable by using the Settings Off function.

I must have missed that part. I thought what he was saying was that the a7r will have that fixed, but the 7 does not.

Sorry. but I shoot with studio strobes 95% of the time and it's extremely easy to turn Live View on and off.

So don't quote 'black screen' as though it's an issue on any camera after the two-years-out-of-production A55.

There is NO SUCH ISSUE with A7/A7R or ANY Sony camera made in the last 2 years...Period!

I think Gary was just saying in last post he mis-read the review.. And why a review would be written so that when scanned a USER MISTAKE is made to look like a camera difficulty.. I have no idea.. Don't tell us the reviewer had a problem figuring out the camera. then write it like the camera has an issue...

Brian as you said this function is standard on Sony for YEARS...

Maybe DPR needs a better Sony Editor.. Reviewer.. [If the pay is right I live near Seattle and would love that job ]

Gary got caught by a bit of confusing writing..

"However, when shooting in Manual exposure mode with strobes, especially indoors, you're presented with a dark viewfinder and LCD; even with your modeling lights turned way up. This is because, by default, the Sony a7 previews the expected exposure given the ambient light levels; in our case that delivered a black image to the display because we set the exposure for the strobes. Changing the Live View Display menu item to 'Setting Effect OFF' allowed the live view image to gain up, making image framing possible despite the manual exposure settings. SLR users will be unfamiliar with this aspect of mirrorless cameras because they're used to shooting with an optical viewfinder."

It was like writing "The camera has a sealed battery you can't change, but then I found the battery cover so you can get around this problem by changing the battery"

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