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The 1st picture was light from LCD screen, not natural light. I'm just kidding.

The 2nd pciture would have been much better if, ISO=800 to 1600, FEV=-0.5 to -1.0, additional dropped the shutter speed 1/8 to 1/30s.

Doing so will allow the camera to capture the background with more natural light and the flash will be more natural on your beautiful and adorable daughter.

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Hmm, it will have that effect, but make sure to keep the camera steady trying that, those shutter speeds are getting close to slowest hand held I would do with the 30mm.

It depend. For psperl shooting condition, the background was solid still (obvious)

Yeah, background was my concern, but I mean generally, so for situations that are similar, but not equivalent.  On the other hand, we may not even care if the background is blurred, or maybe we even want it to be.

and his daughter should be quite still as she full concentration on LCD screen contents, I would say handheld steady, 1/8s probably the lowest with no blur even the 30mm lens is without OIS.

Example, did you see any obvious blur in below 18-55mm @ 55mm with SEF8A flash on, 1/6s, F5.6 and ISO800 picture?

Nope, well taken ^_^.  I think you've got that flash falling off at just the right spot too.

18-55mm @ 55mm with SEF8A flash on, 1/6s, F5.6 and ISO800 picture

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