EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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Re: EXR Confusion not fully resolved

Timur, I was trying to respond to your last post in the other thread but it has maxed out- if you read my other post in this thread you'll see we're on the same page- I think the camera might actually be shooting DR 100 even though M size DR 400 with AUTO 3200 when ISO 100 was selected by the camera when I set the shutter speed to 1/4,000 sec in very bright mid day sun. It could be what some computer programs do when they cannot execute a command properly because the computations are outside their range- the camera did take two exposures, but both of them were identical 1/4,000 sec shutter speed, or it could be that it binned pixels, EXR SN-style. Either way, it would be DR 100 not software or hardware enhanced DR protection. I dont think the shutter speed or the ISO were wrong because S Priority M size "DR 400" AUTO ISO 3200 (camera selected ISO 100) with 1/4,000 sec shutter speed looked about 2 stops dimmer than M mode M size DR 400 ISO 100 with 1/1,000 sec shutter speed. When the program is within its computational range, there are no issues- that is, hardware EXR DR is being employed at M size DR 400 with AUTO ISO 3200 (camera selects ISO 100) as long as the shutter speed is 1/1,000 sec or slower.  But it does not stop you from using shutter speeds faster than this with the same settings (how is the camera supposed to know in advance that it will select ISO 100?) and so the computational paradox is resolved in such a way that DR 100 is used instead of DR 400.

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