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Clayton1985 wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Sure looks like I need not worry about trading in my a77 for the a7 or 7r. They have so many flaws, clumsy controls and poor image quality issues, my a77 is so much more camera, especially for the money. You can't even use them for studio strobes without the black screen problem.

The a77 is just an APS-C camera, but what a camera! Versatility and image quality second to none and great lenses. And a whole lot more!

A childish post and from a Sony user no less..... embarrassing. But if you're going to bash a camera you've never used (or make comments that make it seem like you've never used it but have been reading too many internet comments) then at least back up your statements with some specific details - what flaws have you experienced, what controls do you consider clumsy and what image quality issues are you referring to? And I'd also recommend not making totally ridiculous comments about the A77 having IQ second to none. I guess technically you're correct as it's not 2nd at all but might sneak into the top 10 in terms of Sony cameras and it probably doesn't make the list at all when you include Nikon, Canon, Fuji, etc. It used to mean something to talk about the great 24mp sensor at base ISO..... but those are a dime a dozen these days with the other 24mp cameras outperforming the A77. And yes there are some great A mount lenses -- many of which are better suited for the A7 or A7r over the A77. I'd take the 20f2.8, 24f2, 16-35, 24-70, and quite a few others on the A7 over the A77. The only thing in your post that makes any sense is that the A77 is a great camera especially at the price.

My post was not about my experience with the camera - you may have picked up on the fact that I don't actually own one, since my comments had to do with whether or not I should buy one. So it would be difficult to post what flaws I have experienced, what controls I feel are clumsy, or what image quality settings I am referring to. I do not own either the a7 or the a7r. Really.

So, I am a childish, embarrassing a-hole for believing a DPreview review. This guy had such a negative attitude about the camera that it makes you wonder what his favorites are. Frankly, I couldn't see the posterization problem he tried to show in the blow-ups, but he went on about it long enough to make me wonder if it is that visible to bring up in a review. His strobe flash problem he talked about at length, then said that it goes away if you use the correct setting.

So I jumped the gun and wrote as soon as I read the review. But I was looking for some rave review from a Sony shooter that would emphasize the great new features and their advantages for the full frame shooter and got all that negativity.

I did read a preview of their shooting experience with both cameras somewhere on this site that said that the a7r has a bad lag when pressing the button, but now I can't even find that preview. Am I dreaming or what? I think they took it out when this review was published because I can't find it.

One final comment about a decision to buy. I have a few APS-C lenses, the main walking around one being the Sony 18-135. They do a great job on my a77, but when mounted on the a7 they would give me a 10 mp camera again! Back to the a100 days! So OK, I can get full frame lenses to make up for that problem, but that raises the ante more than you think at first in a buy decision.

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