Silver Falls - DA 20-40

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mlkind wrote:

I have really been thinking hard about this lens, as I don't have any weather proof lenses for my k5ii. I am thinking it will be great for backpacking, mt. biking, etc. I already have the 31ltd , 15 ltd, and the 77ltd. What I am thinking is leave the 31 home for "nice weather" photography, but then take my 15 and 20-40 and 77 when I mt. bike and backpack. Is it true that it is about the same size as the 31? I have a click elite chest pack that fits the k5ii and 31 nicely, so if the 20-40 is the same size that could go in the pack and then I could put the 15 in one jersey pocket with the 77 in the other and have a middle back jersey pocket for snacks and a bit of extra clothing. IF the weather was bad I just wouldn't take the 15 and the 77 out and just use the 20-40. Small, compact mt. bike riding/landscape photography, pocketable set up. thoughts?, from someone who is into the outdoors? Any other lens ideas?

You've pretty much described my new lightweight kit with the DA 20-40 - that, the 15 and the 70.  I don't have the 31, but I do have the 43 which the 20-40 will likely replace in the base trio.  The WR element along with the IQ in an light package is pretty nice alternative to multiple primes.  And, it matches well with other ranges for travel kits, etc., like the Sigma 10-20 (or wider), and the DA*50-135 and 60-250.

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