Why Scott Kelby really switched to Canon

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Re: Why Scott Kelby really switched to Canon

photomagic711 wrote:

Very Simple, Scott Kelby is a great photographer and guru of photoshop. Over the years he consistently has become a mentor to professional photographers. Include with that aspiring professionals as well.

Nikon no longer cares about professional photographers.

Gotcha. The best FF sensors in the world but not aimed at pros. Makes sense.

They are more consumer oriented with the countless upgrades to consumer models d3100, d3200, d5100, d5200 etc.

I could have sworn Canon had an entry level line of cameras too. Hmm, what were those called again?

that is the market they are going after. Even the Nikon Df is for consumers, it doesn't even have dual slot cards!

Neither did the D700.

Canon even has a Canon Professional Services division that anyone can join. yes there is a fee but anyone can join. Nikon has NPS but one has to got though a tremendous lengthy process to join this elite group.

Just to be clear, your argument here is that Canon is courting the pro market by allowing absolutely anyone with a credit card to join but Nikon is abandoning the pro market by developing a free service solely for professional photographers? Ermm...

So doesn't it make sense for Kelby to join forces with a company that supports professionals?

It makes sense for him to go where the dollars are, which is exactly what he did.

In the long run there will be more pros using Canon than Nikon. I will remain a Nikon shooter as all my lenses are Nikon and I am very pleased with my D4 and D3s.

Looking into the future with such amazing certainty. Could you provide me with next week's Powerball numbers as well please?

Nikon's main focus is no longer on the pro market. Yes they will continue to make pro bodies, who knows maybe one day they may develop a respectable replacement for the D700.

The D700 wasn't a pro body according to you. Only one card slot, remember?

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