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Al Downie wrote:

If you're anything other than an exclusively landscape photographer, do you find the extra megapixels a blessing or a curse? Is the camera versatile enough to take good family photos (I have a very mobile 3yr old at home!) as well as portraits, sports etc?

If you had the choice again, would you still choose D800 over the D610?

Thanks for any thoughts!


I just got a D800E for specialty shots to complement my other cameras. The reason I got it was for landscapes and copy work. The first shot was a photo of my cat. Great detail.

I don't plan to use it for family shots. All my family shots are casual and don't require high resolution. Most of the time they're displayed on a screen so the resolution is rarely more than 2000 pixels across the large dimension of the image. When I print the photos it's never larger than 8.5 x 11 inches.  I need more in the high ISO range since much of the work is indoors. I haven't used the D800E enough to really put it through its paces but I have heard that it will work well up to around ISO 6400, although at that level you will probably have to downsample. Downsampling is not necessarily bad. With the overly large number of pixels you have a lot of leeway in things like downsampling and cropping.

Having tried it with a couple panoramas, I find that my computer is too old. The computer works ok for single shots, but trying to stitch a lot of large files together taxes it too much. My computer is probably 8 or 9 years old now. Only 4GBytes of RAM.

I would say the camera is versatile enough to do almost anything you want with it. You have to be willing to invest in more storage since your image files will be significantly larger than your current camera. It might also cost you a new computer. Probably the limitations of the camera will show up in sports or low light work. Your mobile 3 yr old probably won't get into serious sports for another 3-4 years so by that time there will be a whole new set of cameras out there to consider. Remember, the camera bodies are disposable. The glass is forever.

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