Another bad K-3, what is with this.

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Re: Another bad K-3, what is with this.

Roland Karlsson wrote:

jackdan wrote:

The battery focus test seems to have fallen out of favor. The current favorite test is the vertical surface plus angled ruler. It could be I don't know all the reasons the battery test is generally considered to be a poor test, but it seems perfectly fine to me if the operator ensures the camera cannot focus on anything but the target battery and you have done that.

There is nothing wrong wit the battery test, except maybe that the batteries are not flat.

I assume the main reason for the flat surface plus tilted ruler is more used is that you get a kind of measurement on how far from focus you are.

But, there is an even easier test if you have LiveView, one that do not involve taking any photos at all.

  1. Focus at something flat, using LiveView.
  2. Switch to normal view and focus again. Observe how much the lens is moving.
  3. Redo, 1 and 2 for several compensation settings, write down the result.
  4. Looking at the result, choose the settong you think is best.

Interesting. That sounds like a variation of using manual focus in live view mode to generate a moire interference pattern and then seeing how much the lens moves in AF mode.

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