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Re: Panasonic G6

tgutgu wrote:

I did not buy it, because of the disappointing view finder, which lacks detail resolution, despite its specs.

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I purchased the G6 with two kit lenses.  The lenses are very, very good.  The camera has superb ergonomics.  It can be configured in infinite ways to the way you, personally, want it.  Many other comments in this thread enumerate its many attributes and great price vs overall value.

Yes, the view finder is of somewhat lower resolution than some others.  So?  Personally, I see my subject, determine the point on which to focus, and press the shutter button.  I fail to see how even double the resolution would improve things for me.  Compared to the OVF in my D300, I'll take this EVF every time without hesitation.  YMMV.

Seriously, was that the over-riding flaw in the camera which destroyed its usefulness?

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