Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

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Re: Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

I have XE1, Nex 6 and Sony A7r, sold my X100s (beautiful camera but too similar to XE1) and Nikon D800e.

XE1 is a realiable workhorse. Last year I took it on a European holiday and left the Nikon at hime as it was too large and heavy. The XE1 did not let me down. I got every shot I wanted and I think a lot of them are better than what I would have been able to get with the D800e. Large DSLRs I find are fiddly. I constantly adjust stuff to get the shot. The XE1 is set to shutter mode and set the shutter kind of high and would adjust the aperture to suit indoors or outdoors. I ould use 1/320 indoors and 1/1000 outdoors. ISO was set to auto and it was the balancing factor. High ISO performance is so good it worked really well.

The pop upflash is also very handy and I used it at times indoors to great effect.

The XE1 versus Nex 6 which you are familiar with:

IQ is a bit better in XE1

AF is a tad faster in Nex 6 (probably more like XE2 as Nex 6 has the Gen 11 16mp pixel the XE2 is based on).

Tilt screen of Nex 6 is useful

EVF of Nex 6 is a little bit better

Menus of XE1 are way superior. Nex 6 menus are the worst I have seen on any camera.

Size and ergonomics are a matter of taste and no real winner there except buttons and dials on Nex 6 feel cheaper.

XE1 again a matter of taste, looks a bit better than Nex 6.

XE1 has better high ISO performance and lower noise.

XE1 image have better bit depth as Nex 6 images can break down under processing quickly compared to a similar XE1.

Better software support for Nex 6 although RAW conversion is no longer an issue for X series. Lightroom, Photo Ninja (the best) Capture 1, Aperture and others all provide an excellen t RAW converter now that is generally considered to be an improvement over jpeg.

XE2 is from reports overall very snappy. I think its an X100s in an XE1 body. Reports of bad skin plastic tones at higher ISO - 3200 and above. XE1 does not have that issue so Fuji changed the hgih ISO smoothing algorithim there for the worse.

AF I think is generally still regarded to be too slow for tracking moving objects easily. I found X100s too slow to be effective on a moving kid despite the Fuji claim to the fastest AF. I see they are claiming the same sort of AF response with the new XT1. No doubt that will be a point covered a lot in threads and reviews. I would not hold your breath there. No doubt it will be better but if its good enough is to be determinded.


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