Another bad K-3, what is with this.

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Nuffin wrote:

My K3 is in service for backfocus issues. Kinda disappointed mine had this issue. I'm keen to see if the service department will blame it on the lens, the body, or me.

I spoke to a tech recently and he somewhat indicated that I wasn't testing my focus properly. We'll hello! If I focus on something (like batteries lined up at 45 degree angle) and get a focus indicator on the middle, if I take a shot (even with a tripod and on timer) why is it back focusing?

Hello Nuffin

You may have simple a backfocus issues. On the other hand I would check if this backfocus also happens if the test pictures are made with the lens full open, else that what you see can be (depending on the lens)  a focus shift of the lens.

For example, my FA 50 f1.4 do have a focus shift behaviour. That mean the camera do nail the focus, but the camera set the focus @ f1.4, so that when the lens is set to (for example ) f 2.8 my test picture show a to the focus shift behaviour of the lens.

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carpe noctem

Hey kikivrany, I thought of the same thing also, but the backfocus remained consistent at wider apertures. When I increased the aperture, of course all the batteries were then in focus.
What I did notice before though (in K5 and K3) was on my 50-135mm, at 50mm it was slightly front focusing but at 135mm it was slightly back focusing. I recently got it back from servicing and on the K5 it's now sweet. Keen to test it on the K3 once it's back.
I even wondered if it's all my lenses are back focusing. However, the K5 has been realigned to fix a focusing issue, and the 50mm and 18-250mm no longer need adjustments, as well as the 50-135mm now that it's also fixed. On the K3, all my lenses are at +10 (some I believe need upto +13 or so to get it to focus).

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