GM1 vs. Sony RX100 II, almost equal

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Re: Well said.

Completely Agree.

I have owned many enthusiast compacts and the Sony RX100 and RX100M2, both of which I owned, took great pictures yet are also by far the compact cameras that most disappointed me.  For me the best all round ultra compact camera, that I truly enjoy using, which takes great pictures is the Canon S110 which I upgraded to the S120.  Fantastic interface for a small camera.  Super logical menus, easy to find what you want.  Relatively very large buttons for a cameras this size.  Excellent touch screen interface to supplement physical controls.  Very good even though not class leading picture quality.  The buttons on the Sony RX100 are so small, and are even worse on the RX100 M2.  The raised profile of the articulating display on the M2 makes the already terrible to use tiny buttons on the Sony even worse.  I don't have large hands either.

Maybe the best example of pixels vs photos is from two of my favourite pictures taken the day my daughter was born.  One taken with my Sony NEX-5R and the SEL35mm F18 lens just minutes after Emily was born.  A great photo.  Later in the day, after everyone left the room, just my wife, Emily, and I remained.  First time for my wife cuddling Emily privately.  My NEX camera out of commission while the battery recharged.  Wife was super tired, had to sleep.  Lights out, nothing at hand but my iPhone 5, and I dared not use a flash or turn on the lights.  In terms of pixel peeping the worst picture of my daughter's first day.  In terms of impact, capturing that moment of Mommy and daughter's first sleeping cuddle  together - to us - it is priceless.

Emily - 3 minutes old

Mommy and Emily's first nap together, lights out

gsergei wrote:

It's not very often that a sober opinion can be heard here about the importance of composition and good lighting scheme. Megapixel craze has devoured the best part of the forum.

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