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Live in the dusty outback -- too provocative, I have to reply! :)

brownei wrote:

Yeah; OK, I don't need any more convincing apart from how much I will use it as I enjoy photography so much with the FZ200; that's amazing little camera. And not having to worry about dust when changing lenses is such a big bonus. [I live in the dry/dust Australian outback :(]

Thanks again to everyone for all the help/tips/advice

Hiya Ian

I just got a G6 -- I work in Rabaul, New Guinea, where it is WET and DUSTY by turns and the dust is straight out of Tarvurvur volcano so it is incredibly abrasive and acrid.

Like you, I don’t like changing lenses a lot! In fact, though, I have had no trouble with my cameras, but I am pretty careful when changing lenses!

If 28mm (FF equiv) is okay as the bottom end of the zoom for you, maybe you should look at the G6 with the Panny 14-140 zoom. I seriously considered this before plumping for two different lenses covering much the same range but I was constrained by factors which might not be important for you.

I am sure some people O/S have mentioned a G6/14-140 kit, but I just checked the Digidirect and Ted's sites and they aren't offering it. But maybe they would do a deal if you would like such a set up.

On the other hand, as someone else mentioned, the G6/14-42/45-150 kit is not only a good deal but the lenses are of excellent qualty.

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Cheers IanB
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Cheers, geoff

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