SH-50 - Last Days in Nelson

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Re: SH-50 - Last Days in Nelson

Thanks for the reply. I think I did the right thing returning it and look forward to trying the replacement. I have kept the original photos to compare image quality. I think it did have an assembly flaw--maybe the lens was misaligned. At zoomed-in settings, it was fine, but at wide open something was off. I photographed my kitchen floor (white tile squares with dark brown grout) to do a grid test, and the vertical grout line running on the left of the frame looked like someone had airbrushed it. All the rest were crisp. I also took a picture at the golf driving range, and the vertical pole holding up the safety net at the left side of the picture was blurred, and all the rest were crisp. It was hard to blame it on depth of focus or "soft corners" because the right side was fine.

I have an E-PL1 and a TG-1 with which I am very happy, and I want something compact with more zoom to carry around when I don't want to carry the m4/3 kit with the heavy lens. My TG-1 has really exceeded my expectations for a tough camera, and it goes with me every day, but it has only a 4x zoom. I've been following the SH-50 on this forum and so far have been very impressed.

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