SH-50 - Last Days in Nelson

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Re: SH-50 - Last Days in Nelson

Mittskitts wrote:

Your pictures are great! I recently ordered an SH-50 and had problems immediately with blurring on the left side of the images with the lens at wide angle--a problem I do not see at all in your shots--so I have returned it for an exchange (in process).

That looks like an assembly fault to me. I would have returned that camera also.

I also noted a lot of detail smearing in foliage, almost like an impressionist painting (I am not surprised as my other Olympuses tend to do this, too), but it is not so much apparent in your current pictures. So I ask you this....

I use maximum resolution at 'Fine' compression. There is no point in using small picture sizes in the camera. Over six days I only used four 16 MB cards, and they have 11 hours of video on them as well. Hard disks are cheap as well now.

I remember vaguely that the factory setting for compression was 'Normal'. 'Normal' is what I had to use in the first half of last decade because the camera write speed was so slow. But the current camera processors together with a 'Sandisk Ultra' card make the 'Compression Fine' setting quite practical.

You say that the camera does what it is told to do. How have you set up your camera settings to get such good detail? I note that all of them have negative exposure compensations. Are you doing anything else? Please advise, as I look forward to getting results as good as yours soon!

Your replacement should solve the main issues you describe. When you do get it, on the first menu page change Compression to 'Fine'. Let me know how you get on.

Also, I had my camera for two months and used it extensively. There is a 'wearing-in' period both on the mechanical and the electronic side. Actual failures will occur in this period, but also at the end-of-life of equipment, which tends to be thought of to occur after about seven years or so.

Your description however is a bit far off what I saw when my SH-50 was new. You did the right thing to return it.

I have seen an assessment that with Olympus the failure rate is about 2%, as against 3% or 4% in some other makes. That is small consolation to you, but it gives you some understanding where you stand.


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