Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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Remaining "ignorant", indeed.

Doctor Lecter wrote:

I beg to differ. *You* can remain ignorant on the subject if you wish... DOF changes, but fstops/apertures are the same regardless of sensor size. It's simple physics — the amount of light passing through the lens.

It is simple physics, and not only do you not understand, you seem intent on refusing to understand.

It's been that way since 8x10 view cameras vs. 4x5 vs. 35mm... did anyone used to say, "yeah, but f5.6 is REALLY f8 if you move to medium format, dude..."

f/5.6 is f/5.6 regardless of the focal length or format.  However, f/5.6 does not project the same amount of light onto the sensor regardless of format -- it will project more light onto a larger sensor for a given scene luminance and shutter speed.

FF fanboys love to use this fstop equivalence BS. It probably takes away some of the sting of having spent $4,000 bucks on a lens.

Actively choosing to be ignorant of simple facts seems to be the hallmark of most people in this forum.  What "shields" you, and your kind, to some extent is the sheer numbers of others like you in 1022.

So, to recap, do you honestly believe that an f/2 lens will project the same total amount of light onto a 4/3 sensor and a FF sensor for a given scene luminance and shutter speed?  Oh my.

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