Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Re: Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Do i need insurance as i would be shooting outdoors or on location?

Yes. Also, as has been pointed out, many 'public ' locations are under control of various bodies and they might specify what insurance you need. My local council specifies €7m public liability insurance if working on their property which includes parks, bridges etc.

You said your local council specifies Euro 7m as public liability insurance, please explain?

which council is this?

Who my council is will be of no help to you. You mentioned living around Birmingham, . the following is all from the Birmingham City website linked here

- Do I need permission for filming/TV/photography in parks?

Yes, contact FILM Birmingham; the one-stop shop for film and television production requests. Email, or phone 0121 464 9305. For further information visit their website

You are welcome to use our parks or green open spaces as backdrops for your wedding photographs and/or film recordings of your Wedding day for personal use only, with prior permission from us. Use service specific Parks form to make your request providing dates, times and the name of the site where you want to take your photographs. There is a charge of £250 for commercial photographs and £55 for non-commercial photographs

And on insurance :-

This is a requirement for all events, and you may be asked to produce evidence that you have Public Liability Insurance in place. Contact your insurance company to ascertain whether you will be covered for the event or refer to Guidance Note GN20 in the Guidance Notes for community events document attached below for further information.

This is the sort of information you should be collecting locally if you are starting a business

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