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Re: DxOMark promises to retest the GX7

Well, your considerations concerning GX7's dynamic range and noises looks quite persuasive and must be based on your deep understanding and analysis of a great number of fine nuances related with methodologies of measurement and its interpretations... Most likely you're absolutely right.

Even if it were so, our main branch of discussions here is mainly about  the rather doubtful results of tests of the camera and lenses combinations.
And here I much more trust my eyes and personal experience than any scientific based methods that are trying to convince me 2+2 sometimes may be equal even 3 or 5 depending on finest physical nuances...

Closer to the subject of the discussion. My personal experience unambiguously shows me that GX7's sensor is definitely better than G5's sensor in absolutely any aspects including a degree of a capability to reproduce optically smallest and finest details. In my opinion, such capability is exactly the only obvious and true indicator of "perceptual sharpness".

It's the well known fact that G5 and GH2 use the same model of a sensor. But Dxo's mysterious "P-MPix" score for GH2 is significantly better than GX7 has. And this strange score contradicts as my personal experience as well as a common sense...

Of course, DxO guys may mean something another with theirs incredible "P-MPix" scores, e.g. something that is quite far from conventional conceptions of sharpness as a capability to reproduce clearly the smallest and finest details...
If it's so, do DxO's amazing "P-MPix" scores make any practical sense?

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