Is my ancient NEX-7 a worthless piece of junk?

Started Jan 25, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Is my ancient NEX-7 a worthless piece of junk?

When the NEX-7 came out, all the favorable reviews, awards, accolades, and recommendations were impressive, to say the least.

But in this excerpt now they're saying it's a hard camera to even recommend! That seems harsh! I mean, no recommendation at all, whatsoever? Quite a dramatic rise and fall, then!

It's not inconsistent. The recommendation is for a buyer without taking into account the baggage of their existing cameras, but you already have one. Let's suppose you could upgrade by paying 1/2 of the price of the new for what could be a marginal difference in performance. Or you can do nothing except live with that difference. If you drop your NEX and destroy it, the recommendation will be interesting again, and might help you figure out what/if it makes sense to buy if you want to buy new, now.

If it bothers you that you might have a camera that is not currently recommended, you could ask dpreview to have 'hold/sell' recommendations against older models

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