Is my ancient NEX-7 a worthless piece of junk?

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Re: Is my ancient NEX-7 a worthless piece of junk?

davids8560 wrote:

After reading the following excerpt from dpreview's latest MILC round-up I began to wonder if it was a mistake to buy into the initial NEX-7 hoopla.

"The NEX-7 was an ambitious camera when launched, but so many subsequent refinements have appeared on less-expensive NEXs (not least in terms of improved JPEG output), along with additional features such as Wi-Fi and on-sensor phase detection, that it's hard to recommend now it on build-quality alone."

Checking eBay, it looks as though I would take a significant loss unloading my now "obsolete" NEX-7.

Feeling disappointed. Thought it would be a good camera a little bit longer than two years!

I saw this as well and despise how these sites trash older cameras in favor of updated models. Do you need Wi-FI? If not, forget it. I recently picked up a NEX 5N and love the image quality but it really doesn't compare to my NEX-7 and the detail it produces. I frequently crop and the extra resolution helps. If you want to shoot legacy wide angle lenses, you are probably better off with a 16mp sensor since corner smearing is less pronounced. If you shoot mostly action or kids or low light non flash, buy a 16mp camera. The NEX-7 still has the best overall sensor in my opinion for APS-C and shooting RAW gives you amazing flexibility. It's noisy shooting JPEG with very low light but not that much more than other NEX cameras. I also believe that on-sensor phase detection is highly overrated.

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