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Right - but that doesn't make the A7(r) a bad pair of cameras, it just means that the a77 is a better choice for you - you know yourself and your needs better than I do - so I am sure that you are making the right choice for you - and as I said in an earlier response if I could only keep one it would be the A99 - I prefer the A7r, I connect with it better and it makes photography more fun - but it's more limited as an all round tool than the A99, and it's my source of income so the more versatile tool that's good enough would win out for me as the ultimate keeper.

I would have purchased one or pre-ordered one if it hadn't been for the new lens mount. As a landscape shooter this is what I am looking for especially the A7r. I hate adaptors, though I appreciate what they allow. An A7 or A7r may still be in my future but that won't be decided until I see what Sony does with the A-Mount a77 successor. If that doesn't happen or it's not what I am looking for I will have a decision to make re: a77 or switching to the A series. Time will tell. I am not in a rush I still enjoy my SLTs but it's good to hear from people actually using the cameras.


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