Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

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Re: Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

WT21 wrote:

I'm thinking of consolidating to Fuji.

I have today the 6D, NEX6 and Canon M1. With the X-T1, that looks like a body I'd love, but down the road. I can't afford it just yet, as I need both a larger body for flash, and a compact body.

So I'm thinking of the XE1 + XM1 (or maybe an XA1) to start. I'd get the 2.8-4 kit lens, the 35/1.4 and the 55-200 zoom, and would like to use some legacy lenses (I have an FD 50mm macro and a Rokkor 45/2 which I like a lot. I might also possibly get the 23 pancake.

Besides the development issues of XTran RAW on lightroom, what are the negatives of the XE1?

Does it do focus peaking? In the viewfinder? to use with my legacy lenses?

Does the XE1 simulate exposure in the viewfinder? Does the XM1 or XA1 simulate it on the LCD?

I understand the AF has improved. But could I use the 50-200 for some kids events? Horse riding in a ring? School spirit days?

Are there any flash issues with the Fuji system?

Any other issues/thoughts??

Thanks for any help.

Maybe consider the X-T1 a little more? Here's why:

If by flash, you mean full-size flash, then you will likely need to add a grip to the X-E1 to feel secure. I did it a few times with my X-E1, and I found it really unstable, I was constantly afraid I was going to drop the whole thing.

As far as size, tt looks like to me that the X-T1 will be bigger than the X-E only by the size of the grip and a little bit of the 'prism housing', and the height of the camera body will actually be shorter. I have not seen the X-M1 and the X-E1 side-by-side in rl, but from pics, the X-M1 does not seem that much smaller than the X-E. And once you put anything other than the 27mm pancake on it, the X-M1 is not going to be a small package. Just like the EOS-M, if you put the 18-55 on it.

I would be curious what it is you don't like about the systems you have, why you are considering getting rid of all three, and moving to Fuji? The sort of pics you take, and your shooting style might help people answer your open-ended questions a bit better.

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