Sensor sizes and f stops

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Re: No correlation

Christof21 wrote:

It is very important to be aware of this. The op could buy a f1.8 with a1/2.3" thinking that it is better that a f2.8 with a 1" sensor. The 1" sensor is better for dof AND low light conditions.

That´s about what I ment with my original question, sorry if I didn´t express it correctly since my english is not the best and I´m newbie in photography.

I will put a simple example. Let´s say I want to compare two ideal cameras. Both have ideally fully manual controls and have the same lenses. One has a 1/2,3´sensor and the other 1/1,15´,, double in size, same megapixels and of the same type. I take a picture with the two cameras in the same light situation and setting in both iso100 and 1/30 sec exposure. The cameras have exactly the same algorithms to determine the aperture so that the amount of noise is about the same, in this case would there be a difference in aperture?? if yes, how much in terms of fstops??

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