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the camera's AF definitely is up to it. I find light lenses like the Nikon AF-D 2/35 focus faster than the supposedly more versatile Tokina 2,8/28-80 AF-D . You will benefit from fast focusing AF-S-lenses, not so much from "fast" glas like 1,4 lenses, as depth of field will be too shallow. Better go for indirect flash, probalbly with a combination of one mainlight on the camera in i-ttl and a second flash on a bracket - either connected via wireless as a slave or set to a supporting manual fraction like 1/4 and the main flash to -1. As both can be tilted and swivelled individually you can light just about anywhere. And little kids tend to play on the floor with their heads down.

I find pictures from a D800 have an enormous latitude for post but don't need much. So the bigger files don't really cost more time on the PC. And believe me. You'll get used to the sharpness. Definitely. The high resolution helps to bring out the best from the existing lenses and has reserves for the correction of aberrrations, so buying expensive hi-res-lenses isn't a must (but nice anyway).

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend ;-


Ralf C.

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