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Re: DxOMark promises to retest the GX7

Pictures shooter wrote:

One month passed and we didn't see any new revised results of GX7/lenses from DXO yet.

After some reflections I begin to believe that it's not an accidental solitary isolated failing of DXO test. No, apparently this case is just the next illustration of general trend of DXO tests quality.

So, some serious doubts begin come to my mind and generally it looks like for me that DXO tests are not trustworthy at all.

The simplest example: based on dpreview's GX7 review we can see that GX7's ISO125 value does not extend the camera dynamic range, quite the contrary ISO125 reduces its real DR. I myself face with an unpleasant overexposure in the bright lights if I set ISO125, and it happens more often than if I use ISO200 that is apparently GX7's native base ISO value. You can easily check that DXO's GX7 test shows absolutely different results. Looking at DXO pictures we get impressions that ISO125 is definitely better also concerning GX7's dynamic range value.

DxO got it right.

Next example, I'm the owner both Pany G5 and GX7 and based on my personal experience I can say that G5 provides much worst level of noise in shadows at high ISO than GX7 5 does, and so I could expect that any serious test in any well equipped laboratory should clearly show this GX7 obvious advantage, otherwise it's rather doubtful value of such testings... But I can't find such significant difference looking at DXO test at all, we can see just quite moderate 1...2 dB difference, no more...

SNR 18% shows noise in the midtones. The GX7 has about 1 stop better DR at high ISOs, which indicates less noise in the shadows.

We could find similar doubtful cases with other cameras too. Can we go on to trust DXO tests?

Mistakes happen, but in general, yes, I think so.

My personal feelings such tests look like too commercially affiliated to push some brands. I do would like to be wrong here.

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