Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Re: Starting a business specializing in portraiture

spytrek007 wrote:

Or what if the model injures or scars themselves over some other obstacle due to carelessness and not my equipment then who is liable? Or if i ask them to stand on a dumpster and they trip and fall and have 20 stitches?

If you direct their activity YOU will be held responsible. "I wouldn't have normally done that, but the photographer told me it would be OK"
And you are a BUSINESS, right? A professional? Nobody knows if you are rich and rich can be or on the verge of bankruptcy - but they'll come after you to pay.

Also, say you're driving with the model and have a car accident. Odds are it will come out you were 'working'. Using your car for business purposes. Most car insurance won't cover that use so you may be stuck paying out of your own pocket.

Insurance is a necessary evil, aks CODB  - cost of doing business. Like backup gear - you have it just in case, but have no plan to use it.

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