Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Re: Starting a business specializing in portraiture

True, you don't HAVE to make a profit. But there are only two types of businesses - those that succeed and those that fail.
No profit leads to failure. Everytime.

even 'non profits' make profits - they just don't share that money with the investors but put it back into the business in some way.

To quote the OP

I need some advice here. I am starting a new business and will be specializing in outdoor or on location portraits. My target market is models/actors, couples, families and children.

What do read there?

I've never met anyone that does such a think with any intent other than success. Have you?

And a business that doesn't make a profit will fail.

Joe Pa wrote:

You're 100% wrong, a business does not have to make a profit, a business has to break even to survive. In fact the best run small businesses strive to break even in order to minimize their tax implications.

You haven't been appointed King, so it's none of your concern how someone chooses to spend their money or recreational time, get off your throne.

This post is the exact reason you have no "business" being a mod here, as you internalize everything written here as to how it affects you and can't be objective.

I say your advice is wrong. I don't prevent you from saying it. I"m not telling people, or tell you, that you should be silent.

Yet you and a few others feel I should be silenced. Why?

You don't agree with me. Fine, I have no problem with that.

Lets both post and the OP can evaluate our advice and choose what he wants to do.

But what advice have you give to the OP that is HELPFUL to his plan to OPEN A BUSINESS?

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